How To Lose Weight Quickly

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There are a number of varieties of dieting which are known to help you lose weight quickly. People try everything from low carbohydrate diet to low calorie diet. Although every type has its advantages as well as disadvantages.
The basic aim of these diet plans is to burn more calories than you consume.

These diet plans are, no doubt, effective to a big extent. You definitely get to see the results after some time. However, to achieve great results it is important to follow certain rules and guidelines. If you wish to follow a low calorie diet plan, make sure that you consume food which is low in calorie. You need to make your body adapt to this change. If your current calorie consumption is, say, 2500C per day then after you start following this plan your calorie count may drop to 1500C. This may make you feel weak and less energetic initially. But after you get used to it, you will notice the results.

However, this diet plan has a big disadvantage. After some time your body automatically senses the change in calorie consumption and adjusts accordingly. Hence, if we talk about long term, it will not help in shedding more calories.

Now let us see how low carbohydrates diet works. The logic is simple. A diet rich in carbohydrates has more calories. So reducing your carb intake will help you get the desired results.

It is important to know that most of the food items rich in carbs only satisfy our taste buds and reducing the intake leads to starvation.

People following this diet plan sometimes feel ill and weak. But the diet works fine when it comes to weight loss.

To make for the disadvantages of these diet plans, a new diet plan is making the news. In this diet, the calorie intake differs from one meal to the other. This way the body fails to adjust to a fixed calorie intake.

A diet program names Fat 4 Idiots is based on this diet concept. According to its claim, one can lose 9 pounds in 11 day. Experts have admitted that after following this plan they lost 7 pounds in 11 days.
However, there is a limitation that there is very limited choice of food. Having the same food regualrly could be difficult.
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How To Lose Weight Quickly

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This article was published on 2010/12/09